Welcome to the Canadian Ataxia Conference website!

The Canadian Ataxia Conference exists to elevate Ataxia awareness throughout the country while also raising funds for disability support and medical research for a cure. Ataxia is a neurological hereditary disease that has over 60 different gene types, experts believe that there are over 100 types yet to be identified. The many forms of Ataxia destroy mobility and central nervous system functions. The Canadian Ataxia Conference is a volunteer driven third party charitable fundraising and awareness event for charities dedicated to Ataxia research and support in Canada.

The Canadian Ataxia Conference 2013 will take place on Saturday October 12th and on Sunday October 13th. The two day conference will combine social, intellectual, and artistic features so the community and Ataxians can come together in many different ways.

This year's conference will involve Healthcare presentations, Research presentations, a Concert Opera, Buffet Banquets, a Financial Seminar, Physiotherapy presentations, and a closing ceremony.

Presenting this year is Genetic Researcher Dr. Jacques Tremblay, Sick Kids Hospital Neurologist Dr. Grace Yoon, RQMO president Gail Ouellette, and Linda Norton of Shoppers Home Health Care. Tribute videos of Ataxia survivors Kama Soles of Saskatoon, Lisa Hetherington of Hamilton, and Marilys Pinet of Sherbrooke. Musicians performing in the benefit concert entitled "Limitless With Limitations" are Mike McKyes, Pete Comrie, Janet Salyn, Roger Foley, Kristin Vardon, and many others. The banquet will be held in the honour of Order of Canada recipient Claude St-Jean.

The Conference will be held at the Central Library building, 251 Dundas St. London Ontario. The sessions will take place in the Stevenson & Hunt rooms and Crush Lobby, the Concert Opera will take place in the Wolf Performance Hall.

We need your support to make the Canadian Ataxia Conference a success!

If you would like to volunteer for the Canadian Ataxia Conference please send us an email at volunteer@canadianataxiaconference.com

Together we can make a difference in people’s lives!

Photos by NJW.ca and MKA Studio